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FACT: Goats climb too! 
Funniest thing ever!

Found on Yahoo! News.
Check out their excerpt:  ”In Morocco, the native Tamri goats are so enticed by the berries of Argan trees that they have become adept at climbing the branches to reach their food. Even stranger still, the goats’ droppings contain seed kernels which local farmers then grind into an oil that is used in cooking and cosmetics.”

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Literally inhale your espresso shot.


Behold the first aerosol-based, calorie-free caffeine inhaler, Aeroshot Pure Energy.

Invented by Harvard University professor David Edwards, each shot contains 100mg of caffeine, bypasses TSA flight regulations and will be available first in Boston & New York early 2012.


Think your winter’s going bad? At least you don’t live in the Japanese Alps where they get 56 feet of snow.


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Extra Digits of the Day: Yoandri Hernandez Garrido is something of a celebrity in his native Cuba for the simple fact that the man they call “Twenty-Four” was born with two extra fingers and two extra toes — all fully functional.

Garrido uses his extra digits to collect some extra cash, snapping photos with tourists and picking fruit from the tops of coconut trees.

This amazing anecdote, however, is free of charge: “One day when I was in primary school, a teacher asked me how much was five plus five,” Garrido is quoted as saying. “I was very young, kind of shy, and I didn’t say anything. She told me to count how many fingers I had, so I answered, ‘12! The teacher was a little upset, but it was the truth!”


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