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helping out a homegirl promote her designs..

this is Jeannie Wu, she made some cute vases :]

- - the golden.. .. ratio.. yes? ..yep.

i almost said the golden rule. haha 

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Design Toys for Hasbro - Internship ›

- - if you’re a student and you’re interested in TOY DESIGN (and live SoCal) .. you should hit them up.

I wish I did more interning when I was in school. Don’t stop applying kids! Companies mainly want experienced applicants.. so rack up those internships!


- - ….. i wants it..

— edit: I just bought it! :]

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Memoto by Martin Källström and five others

A camera that clips to your shirt, taking photos twice a minute.

- - cool.. i wanna try!

it would actually be VERY useful for drunken times.. yea? yes.

True innovation comes from recognizing an unmet need and designing a creative way to fill it

- - hmmm..

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- - well then

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Designer Danny Kuo combines the concept of bookshelf with staircase

- - my short ass likes this concept..

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Shoelace Packaging. Designed by Barbiturik

—i would buy this just for the bottle..

- -

i like that couch set..


Remember these? How analog! The world’s sturdiest bookmark, surely.

Via itshadrian from a post from DesignspirationsSK, which if you are an interior design junkie like me, you’ll want to bookmark immediately.

Apparently, Swiss Miss originally posted this item, but I’m afraid the trail runs cold there, since I cannot find it on that blog.



tabletop bookcase

Going to build myself one of these.

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heineken cube concept designed by petit romaine

pretty cool.. allows for cheaper shipping etc..

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Remembrance Coffee Table design by Mitch Steinmetz; resembling a giant photo album.