True.. I’ve been on that train for a bit..


The author of The Doodle Revolution explains how this common “time waster” is really a creative launch-pad.

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Yass bish yass

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Do you ever …

stop and think “Wtf am I doing??”

old folks are adorbs

i just met an old man at work just now who stepped into my lab asking if he could use our copy machine because his copier is on the “fritz”. i helped him and asked if he has an appt at the hospital/in the building. he said he does yoga (there’s senior citizen yoga classes in my building). he asked me if i did yoga, i said yes. then he told me he thought yoga was a load of crap, but he started it 2 years ago and loves how much better his body feels. he told me he’s 84 and he’s so happy on how he can still walk etc thanks to yoga. he feels all old people should do yoga. i told him i plan to keep it up until i’m old as well. he was just one of those adorbs older people.. to make it even more adorable, he had an irish accent. haha

Idk why I’m awake..

I went to bed at 2am.. Woke up at 5am for work.. Worked allllllllll day.. And just got home.. .. I guess it’s cuz it’s only 11:30.. That’s early.. Kinda. Sometimes. Maybe..

it’s so soothing.. 

<3 alunageorge

- - i giggled..

Your perspective will change your experience

- mejore amiga ♡♥♡♥



- - rawr bitches!!

- - sad but hilarious. i love all of it.

Props to girls in the 1940s..

Victory rolls are difficult to achieve.

- - dayam.. good luck girl

You know you’re old when..

People ask you “Are you married?” instead of “Are you single”

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